The different styles you’ll find traveling throughout Canada’s cities are known to be one of the reasons people want to visit the country. Let’s get to know a bit more about their types of house styles.

Even though Canada has a vast territory, it has a small population. They’re close to the 41 million people mark on the second-largest country in the world. The country’s geography is diverse and having such few natural disasters made it easier for its early models of architecture to maintain themselves without need significant changes along the time. There is a lot of well-conserved old era buildings, especially in their biggest city. Plurality is one of the things Canadian cities are very proud of. It is possible to see those mixed cultural influences in their population and changes in civil construction nowadays.


Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and the most populous one. The population of the city is compared to whole provinces, such as British Columbia, that has also six million people, and Quebec, which reached the mark of almost nine million. One thing to compare Canada’s size to its population is to put it beside Brazil’s. Brazil has approximately two hundred and eleven million people according to its last Census and in the territory is the 5th biggest in the world. Canada is the second one but is has only forty million people living in. More than twenty percent of the population was previously immigrants who became citizens and most of them work from home. Almost half of the population.

That is also something that influenced their home architecture. Being a lot more in their houses, which is a phenomenon that happens in most places with cold weather, one of the concerns while constructing a house is always: “It has to resist the winter”. Thick stone walls were, primordially in its beginning, part of every Canadian house. In the last centuries, the British and French influences are evident.

Across The Time

In the northern cities, French architecture styles have gained its way through provinces like Quebec. A lot of cultural habits too, not only buildings and stores or cafés styles. In cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal you see modernism attacking; the worldly known CN Tower is proof of that, but also see these eighteen and seventeen centuries constructions still standing, with big European influence, such as the Georgian and Victorian era. When having to move, you must be careful to not cause any damage to one of these buildings, considered patrimony. Which is why it is better to leave the job for the most competent moving companies in the region.

Canada’s independent parliaments started in 1982. Before that, they used to respond to the English one. That explains a lot of the British influence, even in their vocabulary. Like the use of ‘ou’ in the spelling of words like colour or neighbour or ‘re’ in words like centre, for example. Even after the independence, since 1867, Queen Elizabeth II is still the Queen of Canada, and her face is on every twenty bucks bills and Canadian coins.

In Conclusion…

Having to adapt themselves to this much colder weather, first constructors found ways to strengthen the walls; bringing efficient protection not only against the cold weather but also against animals that are known to round the areas. Some of these techniques, such as filling the concrete with wooden boards, are the same they use until today. That helps to retain warmth, which makes their houses less cold. These mixed architectural styles are a mark of every colonized nation and proof that variety can also mean progress. To that, there’s no doubt about.

By Luiz Araujo



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