As population increases in the biggest cities of the country, a tendency for smaller apartments with what we call “smart-home” is rising through the citizens. Here are some ideas they put in practice to use better a small space.

When you are searching online for the best ways to use the space in your house or apartment, it is easy to find several YouTube videos where people show intelligent and better ways when you have less space in a ‘studio-apartment’. That is a growing tendency in the population. People are living more alone and in smaller places, such as 24 to 32m² apartments, especially in the biggest cities. The idea is to have more technology than space. There aren’t normal keys that you put inside a lock anymore in most of these new constructions.

People are using cards or their fingerprints. In some cases even eye scanning to open their houses, using tablets or smartphones to connect; from where they control the lamps, the fireplace, the shower, the TV, and so on. Even when living in a smaller place, the tendency is to use the space with intelligence. So it won’t feel suffocating. The concept of smart-home if getting attention not only by costumers but also by investors. A lot of construction companies that are putting their budget mostly in businesses that focus on producing more while costing less.


One way many people choose to use the space is constructing or having it done for them a wooden stairway that they could disassemble or fold during the day, that would take to a mezzanine, such as in modern loft-apartments, constructed in the same material from the lateral stairway.  It reduces the cost of a complete renovation and gains a lot of space. Many people use the new middle-pavement to put an office or even a bed. Using the part downstairs to gather people, cook, and everything else.


The same videos normally show a series of foldable pieces of furniture, to save even more space. Beds that you can put inside a wardrobe, dinner tables that become desks. Couches that can bend in distinct positions, and also become beds. Coffee-tables that you can disassemble and reassemble as a bookshelf or something like that. It is possible to use rooms in many different ways due its project. In some of these apartments, the kitchens can completely disappear, wooden climate coordinated panel are to hide it. It is good especially when you are using it as an office during the day, which is also something that is increasing, considering the fact that almost half of the population work from their homes and the number will probably rise because of the pandemics.


When you want to save space in your home, it is good to look for well-referred local companies. They can help you to organize and use better the place you have, or give you proper assistance if you decided to relocate yourself. Many moving companies also work in partnership with designers, before or after your moving. They are going to be able to make you a project to refine your home-style following the most actual tendencies. 

 When you are doing some kind of renovation in your apartment or house, it is better to safely store your belongings than to leave it between everything else when people are working in the same space. The same moving companies are providing advanced storage facilities where they will safely store anything in your inventory. Look for the best Toronto movers to know more about their services.

By Luiz Araujo                                                                 


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