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Garage Sale: Tips to organize one

There is a time in life when we have to perform a deep cleaning in our lives, and it includes material belongings (if there is a lack of space, lack of patience for clutter or moving home) and storage service is not convenient since you no longer want to keep some items. Here we are going to find our first vinyl record, an outfit that our children wore when they left the maternity or even those old pair of rollers that don’t fit anymore since the “good old days”. Promote a garage sale.

Everything brings good memories, however let’s be honest, nothing of that is needed in your life anymore. How long have you been wearing that overcoat that was lost in the closet? Or that ice cream maker that revealed an impulse purchase? You can judge and decide what exactly will you use. Of course, there will be many articles still in condition and others can give a destiny, so separate what is good and organize a garage sale. How? With all the tips in our post, it will be impossible to fail after reading it!

1. Choose good items for sale

After separating everything that is still in condition from the things that have no possible solution, it is time to separate the items by areas (kitchen, living room, decoration, bedroom, etc.), by price or other organization that makes sense for you. Use furniture like tables, chairs or cabinets that you also want to sell as exhibitors for the smaller items!

2. Put the price in everything

This step is super important: label ALL items with the corresponding price! Why? Because it will be easier and more intuitive for potential buyers, and also, many people feel uncomfortable asking to not feel pressured by the seller to buy something just because he/she asked the price. Including, think about a negotiation margin.

3. Set up the date of the sale

There must be a pre-defined date for the sale, otherwise your neighbors will always be knocking on your door to see if you have already put it up for sale. So, look at your schedule and try to figure out when you will have available time for that. A sale of this type can take a whole day from when you start to set up everything until you finish it, this way we recommend you take the day off. If the day doesn’t matter to you, then think of buyers: when are people most willing to stroll or look for bargains at a sale of this type? Certainly, on weekends and national holidays! Look for a time of year with mild weather and no rain – make sure you have enough light as well, so that you can see the items well if you do it in the evening!

4. Find out about the need for municipal permits

You may need signature papers for everything; this way before setting up your bank and start doing business with your neighbors, find out if you need to have any authorization to make your sale. This bureaucracy can be a little time consuming, but it will certainly avoid any annoyance in the course of business.

5. Advertise

Advertising is super important, so that you can reach as many people as possible, having more chances to sell all products. Publish on social media that you are going to organize this sale; call some friends and neighbors to get the word out, and you can offer them discounts or a percentage of the sale according to the people who appear in the sale invited by them. Be creative!

6. During the sale be nice and kind

No matter how good things are, people won’t even want to know about prices, mainly if someone is frowning and in a bad mood at the front of the sale. Thinking about it, keep the smile on your face throughout the day, remembering that no customer is to blame for the bad education of the previous customer. If you want to move to a professional level, prepare some cookies or refreshments to offer to your customers. Even if they don’t buy, they will have an excellent impression of you! And they will pass that opinion on to other people.

7. Be prepared to negotiate

Yes, negotiating is important. Even if the items are priced right for you, remember that the customer is always right – so be prepared to negotiate, even if it’s five cents! Sometimes that’s the difference between selling or keeping things in stock!

8. Donate whatever is left

The end of the day comes, after checking everything you will notice that you still have items left. If you don’t want to make another garage sale, give it away! Donate it to friends or family, charity institutions (Furniture BankSalvation ArmyRed Door Family ShelterDiabetes Canada, or Habitat for Humanity), churches, etc. There will always be those who thank you for this gesture.



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